Our Approach in Inheritance Matters

Probate is a court-supervised process. Probate resolves the transfer of an individual’s property at the time of their death. Typically, a person spells out his or her intentions in a will. In most cases, someone names an executor beforehand. He handles the management of the decedent’s affairs. If the decedent did not leave a will or did not name an executor in the will, the court will appoint an administrator to settle the estate.

At Albani Legal, we understand that this can be a Challenging and Strenuous time for all participating in the probate process. Our team of Skilled attorneys will work Thoroughly to make certain that your case is properly handled in order to expedite the process. We are reliable choice for preserving your family’s legacy.


Inheritance Services


Estate Planning

We can help you plan your estate and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Probate Administration

We can help you navigate the probate process after a loved one passes away.

Inheritance Disputes

We can help you resolve inheritance disputes

Trust Administration

We can help you with trust administration.

Why Choose Us?


Experience and Expertise

Our team of inheritance legal experts has a deep Knowledge of inheritance laws and broad experience in handling a wide range of cases. You can rely on us to guide through legal complexities efficiently. We are your legal partner in every step of the process.

Personalized Approach

At Albani Legal; we value each client as an individual. We offer individualized care and custom solutions with the assistance of experienced inheritance attorney. We take time to understand your specific situations and provide advice that aligns well with your goals.

Legal Support in Inheritance Matters

We understand that dealing with inheritance issues can bring up strong feelings. Our lawyers provide caring assistance as they lead you through the process with understanding and care.

Strong Advocacy

Whether you require estate planning, probate administration, managing a trust, or help with an inheritance dispute, we are committed to supporting for your best interests. We strive to achieve favorable outcomes that safeguard your rights and maintain your family’s legacy