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As your attorney, It’s my job to tell you what you need to know.

Whether you are facing criminal charges, have suffered an emotional or physical injury at the hands of the police, or are a small business owner engaged in a legal dispute, you deserve a clear picture of what the legal system can and cannot do for you. I as a Lawyer can give you a clear description of all possible options, along with a frank assessment of the costs, advantages and disadvantages of pursuing each option. Schedule your Consultation You will have peace of mind after you leave your first, free consultation with me because I will tell you exactly what you need to know. I will then put my skills at your disposal to achieve your goals ethically, efficiently and cost-effectively.

About us

Albani Legal Law Firm established since 2016 is experienced in dealing with Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate, Labor Law, Inheritance, Debt Collection etc.

Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services. Our office is very well equipped to acquire legal information and apply it to the events.

Why hire a lawyer ?

The reality is, while some procedures and forms may appear simple, the legal considerations and ramifications that pertain are highly complex. Far too often our firm is contacted to do damage control after a situation has escalated. The consequences of not getting it right the first time range from costly delays to a negative decision, and most errors made by those who self-represent would have been avoided by an experienced lawyer. When a mandate is entrusted to our firm, the client benefits from experienced and talented professionals who collaborate on every file and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

“Having a lawyer with years of training and expertise may result in a quicker and more favourable outcome because of the inclusion of persuasive argument about the merits of the case, and the avoidance of errors or omitted information.”

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Do you need international documents translated for you? Are you in need of linguistic support in order to operate in international markets? Don’t miss out on our special deals for fast and reliable certified legal translations and interpreting services.